Bisou du samedi

… Katharine Ross / Robert Redford …

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... Soyons... Joyeux !!!
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6 commentaires pour Bisou du samedi

  1. da-AL dit :

    ah, yes, we need a kiss today & every day, especially with all the terrible news of late. how are you individually doing in your part of the world? here in Los Angeles people are just now starting to panic, all the grocery shelves empty, all events from large to home birthday parties cancelled…

    • roijoyeux dit :

      it’s the same in some French cities … And since noon today, we must not go out of our houses, except if going to work, to buy food, help friends of family in need, walk our dogs and other urgent things … when going out, we must carry a paper from our employer and a paper stating we swear we have to go out for one or the other reason … and the police are out to check on us

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